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falls-guard™ allows patients the independence of leaving their beds with the assistance and care they need, when they most need it. The Absolute falls-guard™ reduces the risk of inpatient falls by alerting staff that a patient with a high risk profile of falling is attempting to leave their bed. This leads to less fall reporting, saves staff time that would otherwise be spent with the injured patient and their relatives and averts unnecessary and expensive litigation.

Fatal Statistics

NHS - National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) in Nov 2013 show that from April 2011 - March 2013 there were 540,024 falls resulting in 243 deaths, 2,324 severe injuries, 15,169 moderate injuries, 141,614 minor injuries and 2010 NPSA figures report 61% of fractures being hip (proximal femur).

Easy to Use

falls-guard™ has three alarm tones to make it easier for staff to identify which patient is attempting to leave their bed. It is powered by 3 standard AA batteries and is attached to the bed with clips, which enable the unit to be located in a position convenient for staff but inaccessible to the patient.

A Flexible System

The cushion and cover slip easily onto the bed rail adapter, which is then hooked over the bed rail. The bed rail adapter fits most sizes and styles of bed rail. Each Absolute falls-guard™ kit is supplied with two of each component, enabling both sides of the bed to be monitored simultaneously.


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